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The Partnership between Dronestream and SkyLark Labs, what will it bring?

Dronestream is delighted to announce its partnership with Skylark Labs, but why the hype?

AI is often batted around as a buzzword to gain acclamation for companies bringing new tech into the fold. These sometimes false claims lead to scepticism on how effective their AI solution actually is. One company that stands tall above the rest and worthy of the true AI title is SkyLark Labs.

Aerial Suspicious Analysis (ASANA) Platform

The ASANA platform is a cutting-edge system for analysing and alerting suspicious activity in real time from a drone. Some of the applications are listed below:

The benefit to the drone based integration with ASANA is this will allow a small drone unit to have the observation power of a team of 50, or more. The system has been trained to understand ways in which a human may behave aggressively, such as a fighting stance or acts of violence in a crowd where it may be challenging to differentiate for a human operator. It can also be trained to identify a weapons such as knives or guns; the identification variance can be as extensive as you would like, it all depends on what it is trained to look for.

The team at SkyLark trained their machine learning algorithm to recognise a handful of typical violent motions (punching, kicking, shooting and stabbing) and flag them when they appear in a drone's camera view. The technology could theoretically detect a brawl that on-the-ground officers might miss, or pinpoint the source of a gunshot.

The system can be expanded further to look at the footfall in a given location. This will allow operators to relay useful information on capacity from a safety perspective.

How does it work?

Putting ourselves in a scenario such as crowd safety at a large event, engaging the ASANA system will enable the pilot to focus on a safe flight, and observer to have an ultra-enhanced capability to sight threats. The threat is signalled as an alert, with a red 'bounding box' framing the area of suspicion.

SkyLark Labs have a variety of software options on offer other than ASANA that utilise the ScatterNet Hybrid Deep Learning (SHDL) Network. By using this state-of-the-art computer vision and pattern recognition system it allows for improved computational performance as compared to the more usual deep network architectures, allowing it to work effectively in staggeringly fast real-time.

Where does Dronestream fit into all this?

Dronestream is a live streaming platform that simplifies the process of gaining the ultra low latency live video feed from a DJI drone to those within your organisation. It does not stop at live streaming either, you can also view the drones location, battery life, communicate with the pilot, review/download finished streams and so much more - all via an app or web browser.

By integrating ASANA into the Dronestream platform it will enable those utilising drones for security and Public Safety to additionally utilise all of Dronestream's offerings and fantastic user interface; allowing for seamless integration into an organisations existing workflow.

The man behind SkyLark Labs

Dr. Amarjot Singh is the founder and CEO of Skylark Labs LLC., that creates advanced AI systems to solve today's far-reaching issues including surveillance, healthcare, and education. Dr. Singh is also a research fellow at Stanford University, USA where he is attempting to develop a framework for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Prior to starting Skylark and joining Stanford, Singh received his doctorate in Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) from the University of Cambridge, UK in 2018. He has also been associated with several other institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, National University of Singapore (NUS), INRIA Sophia Antipolis, University of Bonn, Simon Fraser University, and NIT Warangal. Singh has made several breakthrough contributions towards the areas of artificial intelligence and computer vision with over 50 international journal and conference publications. His research on 'Disguised Face Recognition' and 'Violent Activity Detection from Drones' gained attention from several scholars and media houses alike and was covered by several media houses including the BBC News, ABC Radio, Telegraph, Discovery Channel, New Scientist, The Economist, Vice, Inc. etc.

Find out more about SkyLark Labs and their remarkable accomplishments here:

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