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Drones used in Mozambique to assist with relief efforts after Cyclone Idai

March 2019 Cyclone Idai ripped through the coast of Mozambique. The aftermath has left devastating flooding, causing irreparable damage to farming communities.

The rescue efforts by the INGC (natural disaster relief agency in Mozambique) have been hindered by inaccessible roads and poor conditions. Fortunately, the APSAN-Vale project is well underway in developing innovative projects to increase fresh water productivity and climate resilient food security. As part of this project to aid the local agricultural community, they have trained drone pilots to continually monitor crop health. Theses same operators were then mobilised to provide support to INGC rescue efforts, by providing crucial imagery to help guide the rescue teams along flooded rural routes that are no longer visible via traditional maps.

Rural communities remain flooded, scattered and livelihoods destroyed. In light of all of this, it’s heart-warming to see drones easing some of the burdens in the mammoth task of rebuilding and sustaining what agricultural capability is left in the region.

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